ill put it on ur body

rita comes to  mexico city, seattle, san francisco and los angeles - heres how u can get a tattoo when she comes there

Hello everybody, 


Please read this carefully as there are some new rules. Please take your time with this application, books will be open for at least one week. This is NOT first come first serve. Space is limited.


I will need to know the specific flash you are interested in beforehand. Please take your time looking at flash and try to have a pretty clear idea about what you want before you send an appointment request. Placements are merely suggestions. All flash can be modified. Size, color, placement and imagery is flexible. Combinations are welcome. I am open to hear your custom suggestions but almost never take totally custom drawings. You can look at my available drawings by clicking HERE.

Please note the bulk of the flash is located at the bottom of the page in the circle gallery. Flash is not necessarily presented in any particular order of interest. 

Pricing depends on the size, detail, amount of color, placement and difficulty. 

Prices start around $200 and I do not charge more than $600 for any session. 

In a full day sesh we can do something large scale or do a few smaller tattoos. 

I can realistically tattoo for maybe 10 hours, with breaks. Most people tend to last about 5. Very large scale projects can be started and finished in the future, but I can not give you specific future dates as I have an unpredictable nomadic lifestyle.

Discounts may be given on a case by case basis.

I can give you a price and time estimate when you send me the details of the tattoo.

I prefer that you come solo, but will potentially accept applications for friends who want to come together on a case by case basis.

A $50 deposit will be required to secure the flash and the time.


To make an appointment request, please send an email to drawonmybody@gmail.com

with your location as the subject with this info:


subject: LOCATION

-your name

-your birthday (with the year please)

-your pronouns

-your exact availability with dates and times. I am available only on the dates listed above. 

-which specific flash are you interested in? Please attach images. modifications? color? do u want multiple tattoos? etc.

-placement ideas. feel free to send pictures of your body for reference. 

-have we done a tattoo together before? if so, please refresh my memory by telling me a little about the tattoo you have  

-your budget / budget concerns 

-any other questions 


I may not be able to respond to everyone

that applies but will do my best. 

hope to hear from you soon! 

lots of love 

rita salt


mexico city- jan 8/9/10

seattle - jan 20/21/22

san francisco - jan 27/28

los angeles- feb 3/4/5